Sony mobile phones-Slowly conquering the market?

Sony mobile phones are already making waves in the United Kingdom mobile phone market, and with handsets like Xperia S they will even conque

The Japanese mobile phone manufacturer has finally arrived in the smartphone market releasing an impressive collection of smartphone built for excellence, and we believe that they will at least be able to sell smartphones if not feature phones. These new devices from the Japanese electronics conglomerate have the potential to redefine the fundamentals in the overly-crowded mobile phone market, as it does not have space for one more player. Sony is betting on its reputation of being the producer of almost everything that comes with nuts and bolts with it, ranging from TVs to pen drives, and this is the reason their ego is big. They have completely ended their feature phones business, and are relying on smartphones for survival in the smartphone universe, however is this the right decision?

There are several astonishing Sony mobile phones in the smartphone world, and each one of them is stated to increase the revenues of the Asian giant, and average sales are not enough. This company deserves some pump-up in sales so that they can get the confidence to launch more such great smartphones, so consumers should we give them the confidence they’ve been craving for? If we talk about Sony mobile phones then the first handset that pops up in your mind is the Sony Xperia S, which has earned the reputation of being the first device to come with “Sony” name on its head, and don’t we love this high-end offering from the reputed mobile manufacturer?

Another handset that caught our attention is the Sony Xperia Neo L, which looked great initially but shortly the China-only tag offended us, and we even forget that this handset is the part of the Xperia lineup. Similarly, Xperia P and Xperia U got our attention for a brisk moment, before we realize that even Xperia Sola attracted us, and we understood that mobile companies are good at their advertizing techniques if not actual innovation.