Sony Xperia miro: Mid-range segment getting stronger

Sony Xperia miro is an upcoming mid-range handset from the house of the Japanese mobile maker. With profound Facebook integration, this devi

The Japanese mobile manufacturer is in full throttle. After seeing several new smartphones from Sony, we thought that we won’t see any more from them, but we were wrong. Sony has recently announced the Xperia miro, with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box and deep Facebook integration.

This smartphone comes with a 3.5” touchscreen, which is sufficient for this price range. The response is impressive, and leaves no room for complaints. How many of you prefer your smartphone over the digital cameras? Many of us click most of our pictures on our handsets,a nd this clarifies the importance of these gizmos.  Xperia miro comes with a 5 MP snapper, decent enough for a mid-range smartphone. Satisfy that budding photographer in you with this handset. Also, you can record videos of your precious moments in high quality.

Still, the show-stealer feature remains the level of support this device gives to the social networking site Facebook.  A front-viewing snapper for video calling and chats is also present; however it has become a standard feature these days. Hence, we are not surprise here. This device also supports DLNA streaming, which makes it a must buy.

Sony is promising a huge battery, meaning that users can enjoy this device for a very long time. Though, an exact amount is not known at this moment. Still, this device is coming from the house of the Japanese mobile manufacturer, so we are certain that we won’t be disappointed.  The presence of xLOUD audio technology is an added incentive.

This astounding smartphone comes with an illumination system that notifies users about the new messages & other updates instead of the traditional glowing LEDs we are accustomed to. Sony has not clarified price details and release date of this device.  The only thing that we knew is that Sony xperia miro will come in different color options, such as black, black/pink, white, and white/gold. Of course, we prefer the white version. As it is a mid-range product, the price would be competitive in lines with other products in the category.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for its launch.