Sony Xperia P Silver-Great features at an affordable price?

Sony Xperia P is the handset that can change the destiny of the Japanese mobile phone manufacturer, and will they be able to increase the sa

With a complete aluminum unibody framework, the Sony Xperia P is an awesome looking smartphone, and it is the first handset to use Silver Magic display technology developed by the Japanese mobile manufacturer itself, however why is there even the need for developing a separate touchscreen technology? Silver Magic technology produces the brightest display experience, whether you are enjoying yourself at the beach or on the ski slopes, and there is also smart power competence which automatically changes the brightness of the display to the environment to preserve the battery life.

The Xperia P is also benefitted from a Reality Display power-driven by Mobile BRAVIA Engine for super-sharp precision, beside the fast capture powers to take out the snapper from sleep to click in just over a second with a single button push, and the rest is assisted by a mighty 1 GHz dual-core central processing unit producing super-swift performance, is it right to say that processors on the smartphones are still in nascent stage?

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The fresh SmartDock, absolutely for Xperia P, gives easy connectivity to multiple panels, transforming the handset into an entertainment hub for user’s living room, as utilizing a TV remote control, it is feasible to conveniently navigate the media content on the smartphone to view their High-Definition videos, the newest movies or favorite television shows on the huge display, and with USB support in the SmartDock it’s achievable to utilize a wireless keypad & mouse to create emails, access Internet & post on social networks or view video clips from YouTube on their television, although while viewing content on the big screen can affect the quality of the video clips.  Sony Xperia P Silver is available on pre-order with many online shopping portals in different categories such as contract, pay as you go and SIM-free, anyway apart from the online world where else can you move to make a purchase?