Sony Xperia P-Only Mid-Range Smartphone From Sony

Sony Xperia P is a smartphone that delivers the promise that Japanese mobile manufacturer will serve this category only, although it is the

Sony Xperia P is the only mid-range smartphone fromn the Japanese telecommunication giant, and budget conscious consumers will certainly love this device. first, the handset appears like a premium product even though it is made from plastic mostly, and will fails to surprise you. It is the feeling that is similar whenever you hold any high-end products of these days. The device’s lay out has hang on to that see-through plastic segment discovered on the Sony Xperia S, even though it’s not a high-end product. Also, this is where the handset’s antenna is placed.

The Japanese manufacturer’s effort to include their Bravia Reality technology via their White Magic panel is simply ingenious, and we are not excited to say this. Sony has taken this device one step ahead with its display back lights, however this may appear. trivial to some users

Sony Xperia p is practically noticeable in every lights condition, and even many times we have faced problems with the viewing of content under broad sunlight. The mammoth-size 4-inch touchscreen arrives in with a mind-boggling 540 x 960 pixels resolution, and even though the device is not a high-end product it showcases such a huge screen.

This astonishing device comes with Google Android Gingerbread operating system, however shortly users will be receiving the Google Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on this baby, and we would have preferred if users would be content with Gingerbread soon. The device’s 8 MP snapper is great as well, and the camera starts and stops easily.

This handset is the only warrior that the Japanese mobile maker has placed to compete in the market, while other manufactures are taking no chances with the approach of launching several handsets in this category. if you are not content with the features of this smartphones, then its better you purchase a high-end smartphone only, and what could be better than Sony  Xperia S deals.

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