Welcome miraculous listening experience with HTC Sensation XL deals

HTC Sensation XL is the best handset in the market, at least in the terms of the music listening experience. The Beats audio technology give

If from the title XL you believed that it is a supersized handset literally, you got it absolutely right. The HTC Sensation XL flaunts a huge 4.7 inch LCD display in comparison to its siblings from the Taiwanese maker’s Sensation range. This handset, however, does possess Beats Audio technology but it gets a little downgrade in aspects of hardware specs such as a single core processor & inferior display resolution. This must have managed to maintain the cost on a much more reasonable area.

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Contrary to the other handsets in the series, this handset comprises of sleek dimensions that is a new addition to the lineup. This stunning combination of sleek dimensions and a mammoth-sized display attracts consumers in large numbers. We are done with small handsets, and the latest trend is to flaunt a huge smart phone.

The Sensation XL on flipping discloses its biggest weapon, its 8 MP camera. The beauty of the rear gets enhanced with the Beats logo sitting adjacent to the snapper. The secondary 1.3 MP camera lets you see your loved ones while making a video call, which is nothing short of an innovation. This feature will get more enhanced with the introduction of the 4G technology. However, it is still missing from this handset.

But never mind, we are fully content with the performance of the 1.2 GHz processor, which is surprisingly no slouch even though it is not a dual core processor.   The 4 GB of ROM accelerate the swiftness of this handset.

The best feature is the incorporation of the Beats audio technology, which marks the beginning of marvelous music listening experience in the HTC’s line up of smartphones with amazing music output capability. Hence, music lovers will sure love this handset. HTC Sensation XL deals are the most popular type of deals in the market.