First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe on Shelves Now

First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe has been released and is now shipping immediately.

First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe
First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe
  • First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe
    First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe
    First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe
    First Alert 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe

The First Alert 2190DF 2-hour fire rated safe affords a high level of anti-theft security as well as extended fire protection. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, most residential fires last less than 30 minutes with fires lasting longer than 1 hour being rare. Fire duration is affected by the amount of fuel available to the fire and the length of time required for the fire department to respond to a fire call. The 2190DF fire safe has been awarded a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) 2-hour fire rating verifying that it will withstand an external temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2190DF is therefore a good choice for a residence or office with above average fuel sources and or located longer distances from the fire department. The fire safe's electronic keypad lock allows users to program a personal 3 to 8 digit passcode. The digital lock is designed to be used in conjunction with the entry key. The entry key can be left in the keyhole using only the digital lock to secure the door, or it can be removed for an extra level of security. Two entry keys included. Also included is an emergency override key which can be used to bypass the digital passcode and open the safe in case of battery failure (4 AA batteries Included). The First Alert 2190DF fire safe’s anti-theft features include steel construction, heavy duty steel hinges, and 6 solid steel locking bolts: 4 live and 2 dead. This model also features an automatic re-lock system, 1 removable/adjustable shelf, and a pull-out storage drawer. Dry fill guarantee: the safe is guaranteed not to develop mildew from moisture originating in the safe’s insulating material for five years. All First Alert fire safes are covered by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and will be replaced free of charge if damaged in a fire.

Quick Overview

 * 2190DF Electronic 2-Hr Fire Safe
 * Dual locking digital keypad and entry key
 * Steel construction with heavy duty steel hinges
 * 2 Hour fire resistance up to 1700 degrees
 * Removable/adjustable shelf
 * Includes pull-out plastic storage drawer
 * Equipped with casters for easy transport

Additional Information

UPC     016247021906
Manufactured In     Thailand
Manufacturer     First Alert
Manuf Part #     2190DF
Model     2190DF
Weight     166.0000
Expected Ship Date     1-3 Days
Shipping Weight     169 lbs
Shipping Dimensions     27.3" H x 19.3" W x 20.6" D
Warranty     5 Year Limited Warranty / Lifetime After-Fire Replacement
Color     Grey
Outer (Exterior) Dimensions     26.13" H x 18.25" W x 20.25" D
Inner (Interior) Dimensions     20" H x 14.13" W x 12.38" D
Capacity (Cubic Feet)     2.02
Lock Type     Dual Electronic and Key Lock
Fire Rating     JIS 2 hr up to 1700 degrees
Number of Shelves     1
Adjustable Shelves     Yes
Lockable Drawers     Yes
Can you Anchor?     No
Number of Bolts     4 Live / 2 Dead
Casters     Yes
Water Resistant     No