Let the Students Be Heard Please

Artist of the Heart Touches Students

The State of CA and cities are cutting school resources, bringing a dark and negative feeling. But here is a heart touching story of a serious effort to make a difference to the students. Petra Eiko, a local artist and author, spent her time and hard earned money to bring a public art project into five Los Angeles area high schools like a butterfly bringing brilliant colors to the sweet garden of students' hearts. She calls it "What is in your heart? - The world is listening to students."

Can you imagine bringing an art project that inspires hundreds of students to express their hearts and causes them to want to pay it forward? This is what Eiko has done.

Through a special program of the Los Angeles Education Partnership, a non-profit organization within the Los Angeles Unified School District, Eiko donated her public art project to Humanitas students at Grant High School, Lincoln High School, Roosevelt High School, San Fernando High School and Santee Education Complex.

The purpose of this project is to let the voices of the students be heard. It also provides an opportunity for the students to learn what it takes to make a public art project successful with all the necessary responsibilities like teamwork, journalism, documentation and publication.

Eiko's project provides a way for students to share their innermost thoughts, feelings, wishes, dreams, sorrows and struggles anonymously, making them feel like they are not alone- that they are connected to their peers, their community and the world.

This project originally derived from Eiko's large-scale art piece that has been successfully installed in five locations thus far. "What is in your heart?-The world is listening" is a wonderful community driven project where over 2,000 people have participated thus far and expressed their thoughts on what is in their hearts, posting them on the huge Green Heart wall installation by Eiko for all to see. Eiko's vision to unite people with one question is meant to provide a sense of connectedness and community.

If you are a newspaper or press agency, we passionately urge you to cover this story to let the students know they are being heard and cared about.

Please see: http://www.scwca.org/ar/arPage.php?m=03072&s=a

for more info.

THANK YOU for your consideration - Much Appreciated !!!!!! :))