Innovative Strategies Available for Hospital Administrators and Clinicians

APRIL 17 - BOCA RATON, FL – today announced the addition of five new hospital solutions developed at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Currently in use by various departments at the institution, the solutions can be transferred to various healthcare settings. Each can be previewed at and offer a money-back guarantee. They include:

  • Perioperative Handoff Toolkit provides a five-point protocol to standardize patient handoffs between surgical and recovery teams, fulfilling all Joint Commission handoff criteria.
  • Guided Care® Chronic Care Management Toolkit offers a practical, cost-effective approach to address the challenge of caring for aging adults with chronic conditions and complex health issues.
  • Hospitalists Engagement and Retention Survey enables administrators to gauge the satisfaction and morale of hospitalists as a proactive way to address existing issues and retain experienced hospitalists.
  • Due Diligence Assessment Guide provides a thorough methodology to ensure that a medical organization obtains all necessary financial, legal and practical information prior to signing contracts with prospective business partners.
  • Comprehensive Business Plan Development Guide is a detailed approach to developing concise and consistent business plans, incorporating vital information for presentation and review by hospital senior leadership and executive boards.

“The leaders at Johns Hopkins Medicine are now able to share their intellectual property with healthcare organizations around the world,” said CEO Joseph Davis. “By using our online marketplace, hospital administrators anywhere have access to medical innovations pioneered and used at hospitals of Johns Hopkins’ caliber.” is the leading source for hospital toolkits, guidelines and other intellectual properties developed by leading medical institutions to improve operations and patient care. The site offers a comprehensive inventory of free and licensed peer-to-peer solutions.