An Innovative Event Brought to You by Myotropics

Las Vegas, Nevada--

As if Dr. Scott Connelly’s platform at the IFBB Pro Grand Prix in Los Angeles this year wasn’t infused with enough brilliance, the nutrition legend brought fitness fans and competitors another opportunity to interact with leading experts in the realm of personal development and body image mastery at the post-USA’s IFBB NPC Physique Seminar. Experts in sports, nutrition, and Physique gathered to revolutionize and mobilize, sharing a competitive edge with amateurs and professionals alike.  The seminar covered topics of Physique training, posing, nutrition, and supplementation.

Vince Andrich, sports nutrition executive and author of The Physique Athlete Guide 1.0, was a key figure in promoting this first-ever Seminar. “The insight to lead through education, motivation and inspiration is why the IFBB & NPC are the most prestigious fitness organizations in the world. It’s exciting to be part of such an accomplished group of fitness professionals who are willing to pass their knowledge on to fitness role models of the future,” said Andrich. 

The NPC/IFBB judging experts, Steve Weinberger and Lee Thompson gave their specific interpretations of what they wanted to see out of the new Men’s and Women’s Physique divisions. Along with this group of all stars was an even larger body of experts and industry professionals. Together they made this one-of-a-kind, Physique Seminar an educational, motivational triumph, suggesting more of the same to come.

Also on the panel were IFBB Pro-Athletes and seminar educators, Matt Christianer and Angel Cordero. Cordero presented some pro-tips on upper body training; Christianer covered form and posing. When asked his opinion on how this first-ever Physique seminar went, he said, “I thought it was great! The IFBB and NPC enabled us to put on such a great event. I am really thankful to Lee Thompson and Steve Weinberger for taking time out of their busy schedules to support the MP Division and go over what they wanted to see from us for this division. It meant a lot to all of us, both amateurs and pros, like myself. I was there to help with teaching posing, but I ended up learning even more.”

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