Top 20 Food Trends and Events of 2011 Named by NASFT's foodspring

Raw Bacon, elBulli Closing, Artisanal Cheese in Japan on List

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New York, N.Y. – There was no meat dress from Lady Gaga this year, but raw bacon emerged, USDA replaced the Food Pyramid with a plate; Girl Scouts waved goodbye to palm oil in cookies; and a certain pistachio nut was found to taste like coffee.

These are some of the products, trends and stories that captivated lovers of specialty food this year. They are among the top 20 picks for the most influential food events of 2011 selected by the editors of  foodspring is a website for specialty food enthusiasts produced by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT).

“Great food popped up in more places this year, and the specialty food industry is seeing a growing commitment to healthier food and socially responsible practices,” says NASFT President Ann Daw. “It has been a strong, and interesting, year for specialty food.”

Also on the foodspring list:

  • Last supper at elBulli
  • Airports and cruise lines go gourmet
  • Debut of ABC’s “The Chew”
  • Twitter writer “Ruth Bourdain”
  • Fine dining coupons online
  • Artisanal cheese in Japan
  • Food Day launched by Center for Science in the Public Interest
  • College dining goes vegan
  • Death of specialty food pioneer Peter Coe
  • Waiter of the future, with iPad
  • Pop-up food shops
  • Ramadan food promotions
  • Farmers markets risk oversaturation
  • Retailers embrace food trucks
  • Bloggers come together over peanut butter pie
  • Waste-free shopping

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