President Must Counter Republican's Attrition in Arizona

Migrant Rights Groups Call for Further Action in Maricopa County


Phoenix, AZ
On the day of President Obama's visit to Arizona, migrant rights organizations called on the President to take further action in Maricopa County. While the Department of Justice continues it's suit with Sheriff Arpaio, there are immediate steps the President can take to alleviate the suffering of Maricopa County residents and protect civil and human rights in the state.
Salvador Reza of Tonatierra said, "The President has responded to international events by vowing to defend human rights across the globe. Yet, when he visits Arizona, he'll land at the center of one of the worst domestic human rights crises today. We need him to enact that same commitment here in Arizona and take over the outdoor jail Sheriff Arpaio has come to refer to as a 'concentration camp.'"
"The President's promises on immigration that he made again last night must start in Arizona. As Republicans envision achieving national security by foreclosing on your home and deporting your neighbor, we need the President to be a counterpoint to their toxic rhetoric. There is no better place to launch a new vision of neighborhood security than in Arizona, a vision that begins with ending the Administration's collaboration with Sheriff Arpaio and terminating the federal immigration programs upon which his racial profiling relies," explains Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.