President Obama Earmarks Funds for Unprecedented Deportations

White House Decides 'Even Broken Laws' Have to Receive Budget Increases?

***Correction. NDLON Issued an earlier press release mistakingly citing a statistic from a CNN article on the previous year’s (2012) budget for the Secure Communities Program. The quote issued by Pablo Alvarado earlier today is unchanged. See corrected heading below.

In response to the announcement today that the White House has increased the budget for the Department of Homeland Security, including funds to expand the Secure Communities deportation program nation-wide, Pablo Alvarado, director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:
"The White House budget for removal of immigrants reveals a national tragedy as the debate about immigration reform continues to sour.
The GOP candidates for President all support Arizona's policy to make life miserable for immigrants.  The repugnant GOP consensus position is allowing the President to commit the perfect political crime.    President Obama has presided over unprecedented deportations, and his budget creates line items that ravage Latinos' civil rights and undermine public safety.   And yet, the President continues to craft a public  image as a champion of immigration reform. 
Facts matter, and numbers don't lie.   The White House insists that the budget imposes a quota for deportations.   If that were true, we would expect the President to defund programs like Secure Communities that are destroying public trust in law enforcement.  The President cannot both acknowledge the 'system is broken' and still continue to fund it to the gills." 
See White House Representative Cecilia Muñoz tie deportation to quota to budget requirements in this PBS Frontline Piece, "Even Unjust Laws Need to Be Enforced."
View the DHS Budget at It states “The FY 2013 Budget ncludes funding to complete nationwide deployment in FY 2013 of the Secure Communities program which uses biometric information and services to identify and remove criminal and other priority aliens found in state prisons and local jails.”