NFIB's Top 5 Things To Repeal In Obamacare

Small business association continues to fight while awaiting decision in NFIB v. Silbelius

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in NFIB's landmark lawsuit against Obamacare. While waiting for the court's decision, the leading small business association is releasing its Top 5 Things To Repeal In Obamacare.

"NFIB is the only business group fighting this law in the courts, and we've taken it all the way to the Supreme Court," said Amanda Austin, host of NFIB Top 5 said. "While we are fighting in the courts, we are also fighting in Congress to repeal individual portions of the law."

NFIB's Top 5 priorities for repeal in Congress include:

  1. Full repeal because the law does nothing to cut costs or increase competition for small businesses;
  2. The employer mandate, which could impose fines of up to $3000 per employee on some small businesses;
  3. A health insurance tax of $500 per employee that ONLY applies to small businesses because big labor, big business and big government got an exemption;
  4. Caps on deductibles that could end health savings accounts and other ways to lower costs for businesses and employees;
  5. Federal regulations that are causing employers to lose current plans.

"NFIB fought tooth and nail to stop the passage of the new healthcare law, and now we are fighting just as hard to repeal it," said Amanda Austin, host of NFIB Top 5.

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On NFIB's Top 5 web series, Amanda Austin puts government policy under the microscope to show its effects on small business, the engine that drives the U.S. economy.

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