The Top 5 Ways The National Labor Relations Board Is Pushing Anti-Business Regulations

NFIB has filed suit to stop appointment Big Labor allies

With the appointment of three Big Labor allies to the National Labor Relations Board, the Obama administration is putting pro-union regulations in place that could cripple small businesses.

"We all know that federal regulations have gotten out of control," Kate Bonner said."One of the worst agencies run amuck is the National Labor Relations Board."

In NFIB's NFIB's Top 5 web series, Bonner looks at how NLRB is pushing an anti-business agenda:

  1. Possibly unconstitutional appointment of three Big Labor allies to the pro-union board. NFIB has filed suit to stop these appointments.
  2. Forcing employers to hang pro-union posters in the workplace outlining employees' right to unionize.
  3. Stifling economic growth by suing to stop a private company from opening a new facility in a right-to-work state.
  4. Authorizing ambush elections that shorten the time between scheduling and holding union election to as few as 21 days.
  5. Pushing for the creation of micro-unions that encourage unions organized by job position.

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Hosted by Kate Bonner, NFIB's Top 5 web series puts government policy under the microscope to show its effects on small business, the engine that drives the U.S. economy.

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