Repair and Nourish Summer Skin with Naturopathica's 4 Step Daily Regimen

Industry Leader Naturopathica Shares Its Simple Summer Care Strategy for All Skin Types

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Even on the stickiest days, Summer skin craves one thing: moisture. UV Rays and air conditioned offices draw moisture from the air, so even in humid weather, skin feels dehydrated and damaged. The experts at Naturopathica Holistic Health recommend a simple 4-step ritual to save summer skin. "What your skin really wants is a dose of common sense and TLC, not product overload and complicated beauty regimens." -Barbara Close, Founder and CEO of Naturopathica.

Step 1: CLEANSE (AM and PM)
Heat, humidity and outdoor activities in the summertime call for a cleanser that will remove grime while maintaining natural moisture. When choosing a cleanser, avoid those containing harsh chemical surfactants like sulfates. These irritants can sensitize skin, causing dryness and breakouts. Instead, choose a natural cleanser that uses coconut derived fatty acids to remove dirt and debris without irritation.
Recommended: Naturopathica's Aloe Cleansing Gel

Step 2: CORRECT (PM)
Overexposure to damaging UV rays commonly leads to skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation, generally referred to as sun spots. To correct this, use a skin brightener with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to fight free radicals and detoxify skin.
Recommended: Naturopathica's Botanical Skin Brightener

Step 3: FORTIFY (AM and PM)
Summer leaves many with sunburned, dehydrated skin. When skin craves moisture and protection, seed oils are an excellent solution. Seed oil serums contain natural amino acids to revitalize, regulate and condition a dull or damaged complexion.
Recommended: Naturopathica's Neroli Clarifying Serum (Normal to Oily) or Naturopathica's Geranium Regenerating Serum (Normal, Dry, Mature)

Step 4: MOISTURIZE (AM and PM)
Moisturizers draw in moisture and seal off the gaps between skin cells, creating a protective barrier against UV rays and dehumidifying air conditioners. Apply immediately after showering to maximize hydration and effectiveness.
Recommended: Naturopathica's Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex (Normal to Oily), Cassis Ultra-Replenishment Cream (Normal to Dry, Mature)

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