Tulsa Software Agency Chosen to Overhaul USA BMX Site in Preparation for Olympics

New Medio Builds Big Tech on New USA BMX Website

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TULSA, Ok., May 15, 2012– New Medio, a small Midwest custom software development shop, partnered with USA BMX to create a series of custom software applications and a marketing website in time for the young Olympic sport’s appearance in London later this summer.

Each of these Web applications provides USA BMX with a synchronized management approach to all of their company’s operations.  The entire site and all of its applications are managed by BMX administration from New Medio’s own REACH content management system (CMS). 

 “We are honored to have partnered with USA BMX throughout their technology transition and are looking forward to witnessing their success this summer with the upcoming London 2012 Olympics,” said Adam Nemec, President of New Medio.  “Challenging, interesting, and highly custom work like the kind BMX brought to the table is exactly the kind of project that New Medio thrives on.”

BMX in the Olympics:

This is only the second time that the sport of BMX will be making an Olympic appearance and the first time that it will receive significant national television airtime during the Games. 

The new usabmx.com website is a main component of USA BMX’s marketing push for Olympic Day on June 23, 2012; the organization joined forces with the United States Olympic Committee to offer free BMX racing nationwide at participating tracks.  The sport is also being featured by Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America as a way for kids to lead healthy lifestyles and remain active. 

"Headed into an Olympic year, we needed a site that spoke to the new rider as well as the parents," said USA BMX Chief Executive Officer, B.A. Anderson.  "With New Medio’s help we have been able to create a site that offers easy-to-find information for parents as well as lots of eye candy for new and potential members." 

USA BMX/BMX Canada offices are based in Arizona and govern all BMX riders and races across the United States and Canada.

Why come all the way to Tulsa?

USA BMX’s updated website and data management are seen as forward-thinking approaches to improving the BMX community’s user experience from the ground level.  Rather than trekking to the more familiar tech hotspots of America, USA BMX chose to have its systems designed and developed entirely in-house by the New Medio team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

"USA BMX formerly the American Bicycle Association has a long standing relationship with the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Sports Commission.  Tulsa has hosted the ABA Grand Nationals at Expo Square since 1998 and it was actually the Tulsa Sports Commission who introduced us to New Medio.  With their leadership’s enthusiasm for all types of cycling, New Medio seemed like a perfect fit," Anderson said.

What else the site includes:

The series of Web applications built by New Medio for USA BMX are incorporated into one consistent user experience on the front end of the site. 

The Website serves many functions, including:

  • USA BMX Membership sign-up and renewal process (riders must be paid members before they can race in any event)
  • Pre-sign process for race registrations with ecommerce component
  • Find a track (using an interactive map & zip code search) for all of the 370+ privatized tracks across the U.S. and Canada
  • Galleries for their thousands of pieces of digital media, such as the BMX Hall of Fame assets collected since 1985

The site launch this week only marks the beginning of both companies’ continued hard work until the Summer Olympics in August.  It will still undergo various changes and additions in preparation for the Olympics, and eventually be a place where the BMX organization can manage its business both on- and offline.

New Medio is a custom software development company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where its been building Web, mobile and tablet applications for over 11 years. 

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