Girls Give Back in Honor of 9/11

New Moon Girls announces Girls to World parties

The tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 is coming up, and this year, New Moon Girls is encouraging girls worldwide to give back and help others by throwing their own Girls to World parties.

Inspired by ideas put forward by AARP and The 9/11 Tribute Movement, Girls to World parties are "service parties" held on September 9, 10 and 11. Felicia Evans Long, founder of Sweet Events and Planning, is volunteering her party planning expertise to New Moon Girls to show girls step-by-step how they can make a difference by hosting parties of their own.

With Felicia's help, New Moon Girls is showing girls that it's fun and easy to get together with friends and family and do something to be of service to others, like volunteering at a homeless shelter, collecting food to donate to food banks, and collecting books and magazines for donation to schools and non-profits that can use them.

Girls worldwide are invited to host Girls to World parties and share their experiences at, both in the planning stages and after their parties.

With Girls to World parties, girls will make a positive impact on the world around them in memory of those who gave their services, of survivors, and of those whose lives were lost in the tragedy of 9/11, and also in many other tragedies around the world. It's difficult for children to cope with traumatic world events that are beyond their ability to influence. Seeing what they can do to make a difference in someone else's life is a powerful antidote to feelings of anxiety and helplessness caused by huge tragedies.