NIIT and Rush University Award Winning Project

NIIT's Dr. Gregg Collins on video simulation in nursing practice exams

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Please allow me to interest you in the recent award-winning relationship between NIIT, a leader in global managed training services, and its client Rush University, one of the top five nursing colleges in the United States.  Dr. Gregg Collins, PhD, NIIT’s Vice President of Worldwide Instructional Design, over saw a project that allows psychiatric nurse practitioners to practice examine and treat patients with realistic disorders in challenging situations remotely, on their own laptop.  This enables them to get the kind of experience that once before they could only get by seeing actual patients.  

At the 11th annual Enterprise Learning! & Conference Expo, CognitiveArts®, NIIT’s instructional design organization, presented a case study featuring Rush University. The session was led by Dr. Gregg Collins and Linnea Carlson-Sabelli, Professor, Department of Community, Systems and Mental Health Nursing at Rush University. The session introduced the innovations in nurse education through video simulation-based e-learning to train psychiatric nurses.

I can arrange a time for you to speak with Dr. Collins to discover more about the in-depth insights into this innovative partnership. 

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