Nimsoft Expands Cisco UCS Monitoring

Coverage for Cisco UCS Environments Provides Customers Visibility into the Health of Their Environments

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - July 11, 2011- Today at Cisco Live, Cisco's annual IT and communications conference, Nimsoft announced Nimsoft Monitor now features expanded coverage and additional advanced capabilities for use with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) to provide customers with in-depth details of their cloud and data center platforms.

The Cisco Unified Computing System is the first fabric computing platform that combines industry-standard, x86 compute resources with networking and storage access to form a single converged system. Cisco UCS is designed for dynamic, scalable, and highly virtualized data centers and cloud environments. Nimsoft Monitor runs on Cisco UCS and monitors its components within a single, common platform with customers' other cloud and traditional IT resources?including network, software switches, storage, databases, virtualization, and Web applications.

Nimsoft Monitor integrates with Cisco UCS and can automatically discover changes in physical Cisco UCS components (such as the chassis, fans, power supplies, and servers), as well as virtual resources and service profiles within Cisco UCS environments. Once physical, virtual, and services resources have been discovered, Nimsoft Monitor can apply user-defined automated monitoring policies that are in synch with Cisco UCS threshold policies to provide customers with full visibility into the end-to-end health of their environments.

Enhancements to Nimsoft Monitor include:
 Broadened component support: Nimsoft Monitor now offers support for Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers and Cisco UCS 2100 Series Fabric Extenders. This expanded coverage augments the solution's support for other core components within Cisco UCS environments, including Cisco UCS chassis, server blade systems, and fabric interconnects.
 Extended metric support: Nimsoft Monitor now gathers more metrics for interface cards within the blade server chassis. It supports monitoring of storage controllers, disks, Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) and RAID batteries attached to server blades?and can now track available aggregated bandwidth by port type within fabric interconnects.
 Easier configuration: Nimsoft Monitor now enables administrators to quickly select multiple thresholds for monitoring component states and supporting elastic Cisco UCS configurations.

"Pre-integrated, comprehensive infrastructure solutions like Cisco UCS represent a strategic, long-term option for enterprises and services providers looking to optimize the value, performance, and flexibility they get from their IT spend," said Chris O'Malley, Nimsoft CEO. "Nimsoft Monitor uniquely enables customers to realize maximum benefits from their Cisco UCS investments by making it easy to maintain full visibility into both the Cisco UCS environment and the broader enterprise."

Extended Support for VblockT Environments

Nimsoft Monitor also offers comprehensive, integrated monitoring coverage of the VblockT Infrastructure Platform, tracking physical, virtual, and application elements of Vblock environments including Vblock Series 300 and Vblock Series 700.

"Comprehensive, robust monitoring capabilities are a critical factor to realizing optimal performance and business value from Vblock Infrastructure Platforms in the long term," said Tony Conway, Vice President Services, MTI Europe. "We've chosen Nimsoft Monitor as a basis for our MTI Care Managed Services portfolio because these capabilities are so critical, both to our company and our clients. By enhancing the solution's coverage with vendors such as EMC and the Cisco UCS environments, Nimsoft extends the advantages Nimsoft Monitor delivers."

To learn more, visit Nimsoft (Booth #2071) at Cisco Live.

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