Get a Little Smarter During Employee Learning Week About Safety

Employee Learning Week is December 7-11.

Today kicks off the beginning of Employee Learning Week and SafetySkillsT encourages employers to help workers learn about safety in their workplace. With recent incidents of violence across the nation and the recession hitting businesses across the country, educating workers on safe practices on the clock is crucial to save everyone a lot of pain and money.

"Emphasizing the importance of safety to employees is extremely important to any business," said Trey Greene, CEO of "This not only protects businesses from a legal standpoint, but also shows your workers that you care about them and creates a more positive work environment."

Employee Learning Week was created by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). Support was shown by Mayor Cornett on Nov. 9 by officially declaring Dec. 7-11 Employee Learning Week in Oklahoma City.

"Increasingly, business leaders realize that the most important asset in our knowledge economy is talent, and a skilled workforce is the key to realizing results. We encourage all organizations to demonstrate their commitment to learning by recognizing Employee Learning Week," said Tony Bingham, ASTD president and CEO.

It has been stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that incidents of occupational injury and death have decreased since the previous year. However this decline cannot be without the help of the rise in unemployment hitting 10.2 percent in October.

"Fewer workplace accidents is wonderful, but the need for the best training to prevent occupational injuries is still very necessary, especially if there is a chance that the statistical data might be skewed" said Greene.

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