Celebrating A Milestone - Northwest Software Celebrates 25 Years In Business

Everett, WA (September 1, 2010) - Northwest Software Technologies, Inc., the pioneering and leading developer of event fundraising management software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, today celebrates its' 25th Year in business.

If you have been to our corporate website at www.nwsoftware.com anytime this year, you would have noticed a seal representing our 25th Anniversary in business. Today that milestone is here!

In the computer industry, 25 years represents a lifetime of effort and commitment to helping the technology market sector reach an age of maturity. But for Northwest Software Technologies, it also represents something quite satisfying, helping nonprofit organizations from all walks of life in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan to raise over $150 BILLION for great and well deserved causes. And with the global economy placing significant strain on nonprofit organizations, our data management tools are being relied upon even more to increase efficiency and make every dollar count. When the products you have built are willingly entrusted to manage data that is so critical to an organization's success in meeting the needs of the common man, you know you have come full circle.

We are not going to bore you with the long story of how this business came to be and all of the accolades Northwest Software has received as a corporation since its start in 1985. Jack Wilson, founder of the corporation, asked that we pass along just one message. "Thank you! Thank you for putting your trust in us over these past 25 Years. Your commitment has not gone unnoticed and is sincerely appreciated."

And these 25 Years in business are just the beginning!

The Staff and Management Team
Northwest Software Technologies, Inc.