New eBook on Content Marketing from NuSpark Marketing

38 Content Marketing Templates- A great new Workbook

Content Marketing Template eBook
Content Marketing Template eBook
  • Content Marketing Template eBook
    Content Marketing Template eBook
    Content Marketing Template eBook
    Content Marketing Template eBook

If you’re a content marketer, then you know the challenges you face.  A sound content marketing plan is critical to the success of your lead generation efforts.  Some of the biggest challenges NuSpark Marketing sees are:


  1.  Producing well-written quality content that engages prospects to convert
  2.  Not having the time or resources to produce enough content
  3.  Producing enough relevant content targeted to specific audiences and personas
  4.  Poor choices of keywords and SEO content tactics on websites
  5.  Lack of internal process and plan to implement a content marketing strategy
  6.  Concerns over budget to produce enough quality content
  7.  Minimal time to do thorough research before producing content
  8.  Lack of customer focus; content that focuses more on a company’s products rather than the prospect’s needs.


So what do you do?  You need to put a plan in place, get that corporate buy-in, explain the benefits of a quality content strategy with regard to profit and ROI, and evaluate the resources to implement the plan.  Easier said than done, right? 


Introducing a brand new eBook on content marketing, called The 38 “Let’s Do It” Content Marketing Templates for Lead Generation-The Workbook from Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Marketing, a Philadelphia-based lead generation firm.


The eBook is filled with 38 templates and checkbooks to get your content marketing plan optimized properly.  Utilized by NuSpark Marketing’s own clients, it was time to present to the world a workbook that complements all the “theory” content we read.  Each template contains a Q&A or a checklist to begin or enhance your strategy immediately. Here are some of the templates you get:


  • Situation Analysis-Business Challenges
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Value Proposition Determination
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Buying Stage Question & Answer
  • Content Asset Evaluation
  • Content Gap Evaluation
  • Content Mapping
  • Downloadable Content Checklist
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Refinement
  • Website Content Evaluation
  • SEO On-page and Off-page Checklists
  • Paid Search Ad Content
  • Landing Page Content
  • Landing Page Offers
  • Blog Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Promotion Checklist
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Email Marketing Execution
  • Lead Nurturing Content Map
  • Lead Nurturing Flow Activity (for Marketing Automation)
  • Content Promotion Checklist
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Content Development Plan
  • Webinar Checklist
  • White Paper, Case Study Checklists
  • Video Marketing Checklist
  • Press Release Checklist
  • And More


If you already have a process, then these templates will complement your approach.  If not, then now you can jump right in, stop hesitating, get your plan together, and let’s do it. 


Download the Content Marketing Template eBook Here!