NuSpark Marketing and Marseli form alliance to help b2b firms manage lead funnel, demand generation, and sales pipeline

Marketing & Sales Alignment; We've Aligned to Optimize Your Lead Funnel & Pipeline

Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Marketing, a Philadelphia-based digital content marketing and lead generation firm has formed an alliance with Marseli, also Philadelphia based, a marketing and sales insight and integration software and services firm and run by Founder and former SAP marketing leader Frank Donny.

Why the alignment?  Best-in-class B2B companies have aligned their sales and marketing teams which in turn has proven to drive increase revenue and ROI.  Most companies have not aligned properly, which means message, process, and lead management disconnects, and that means less qualified prospects, leads, and sales opportunities.  The alliance means that companies can now improve the management of their entire revenue generation process, from entrance to sales resolution without causing a major disruptance on their existing investments in sales and marketing.    The combined service and software offerings are meant to help a company capitalize on what they are now doing.

“It begins with the message,” explains Mosenson.  “Proper content marketing is the fuel that drives prospects into the funnel. Buyer persona development, content mapping, content creation, and a strategic lead nurturing process are all mission-critical components that accompany a prospect’s successful journey within the funnel on the way to sales close”

NuSpark Marketing’s focus, then, is the strategic deployment of content marketing via a targeted lead generation process that includes such tactics as paid search, SEO, social media, and paid media. Once the lead is into the nurture process, NuSpark implements and manages marketing automation, so that inbound marketing and demand generation campaigns can continually be optimized. Mosenson himself is a national thought leader on lead management and writer of several ebooks on lead generation and content strategy.

From there, the Marseli services take over.  Besides consulting on the integration of marketing automation, and CRM applications, Marseli’s services and software include optimizing the sales process and uncovering leading and lagging process indicators that help improve pipeline performance.  “I’ll review and implement systems that will improve sales forecasting and conversion rates throughout the pipeline,” explains Donny.  “Salesforce and similar CRMs hold the data, but the strategy on how to extract and analyze the right sales and marketing data locked inside of a sales process is a task sorely needed by sales and marketing executives.”  Marseli is also offering a compelling app for Salesforce that will slice and dice the Salesforce data into actionable insight and manage pipeline metrics automatically.  Donny’s experience in demand generation at SAP and over 20 years of sales operations and demand generation experience qualifies him as an expert at pipeline management, and thus is an ideal partner for NuSpark Marketing. 


For more information on how the alliance can work for you, contact:


Paul Mosenson

(610) 604-0639




Frank Donny