Forget Food Fads: Celebs Turn to Old Ways for Diet Success

Oldways Says Step Away from That Fad Diet

BOSTON, DECEMBER 22, 2011—Step away from that fad diet, and let the old ways be your guide to healthy inspiration this new year. Celebs from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Alex Rodriguez have already discovered the secret that eating the foods of our ancestors offers healthy, delicious ways to satisfy our taste buds and our weight-loss goals.  Now you can too.

“Pick a region anywhere in the world – from the Mediterranean to Latin America, or from Africa to Asia – and you’ll find health through heritage, since countless studies confirm that traditional diets are the gold-standard in healthy eating,” said Sara Baer-Sinnott, president, Oldways. “Just as important, you’ll find great taste and vibrant flavors, along with cultural connections that can help inspire and motivate change. That’s a lot more than you’ll get from your typical fad diet of the month. “

Oldways, the international nonprofit widely recognized for its expertise with traditional diets, healthy eating pyramids,  and the Whole Grain Stamp, knows that heritage foods satisfy and satiate by including lots of fresh greens and vegetables, healthy proteins (including from plants), whole grains, nuts and peanuts, and good oils.

Some of today’s hottest Hollywood celebrities also seem to know this and are way into the old ways of eating.  This year, why not adopt some of their healthy eating habits such as:

--U.S News & World Report named the Mediterranean Diet one of the healthiest diets in a June 2011 article.  Brooke Burke and Catherine Zeta-Jones swear by it. And not only does Sophia Loren love to eat a Mediterranean Diet, but she also uses olive oil as part of her beauty routine!

--Leafy greens are a healthy home run and a vital part of all traditional diets (especially the African Heritage Diet); just ask Alex Rodriguez/A-Rod.  He even cooks his own kale chips.

--Eva Longoria, who loves her traditional Latin flavors, understands that by cooking with healthier oils and fresh ingredients she can conjure the same familiar flavors but with healthier renditions of other higher calorie traditional dishes.

--Whole grains reign! Carrie Underwood is on the whole grain train and is replacing white breads with whole grains.  Quinoa is Kate Hudson’s go to grain.

--The Greek yogurt craze continues with skyrocketing sales (analysts expect $1.5 billion in sales in 2012):  Kelly Ripa is helping the cause by eating it almost every day! 

--Oprah’s favorite thing = herbs!  Oprah looks to herbs to flavor her foods and cut down on calories – a key in the healthy aspects of the African Heritage and other traditional diets.

--Nuts are noteworthy:  Jessica Biel enjoys them on a daily basis, agreeing that nuts offer healthy fats, provide protein, and are a delicious part of a healthy diet.

--Snacking secrets of the stars: Tyra Banks says fresh fruit and, for this top model, mangos and papayas hit the mark.

To inspire and educate people about healthy and affordable eating patterns Oldways has a user-friendly website, which includes its family of five healthy eating pyramids – Mediterranean, African Heritage, Latin American, Asian and Vegetarian – grocery lists, recipes and other traditional diet resources.

For more information about Oldways, our traditional diet pyramids or our free healthy heritage 101 brochures, please visit

 About Oldways

Oldways ( is a nonprofit food and nutrition education organization, with a mission to guide people to good health through heritage, using practical and positive programs grounded in science and tradition. Simply, we advocate for the healthful pleasures of real food. Oldways is the parent organization of The Whole Grains Council and The Mediterranean Foods Alliance, and is well-known for creating the Whole Grain Stamp and the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid.