Smiles all round for Financial PR

In a poll of over 550 PR professionals, financial PRs were revealed to have the highest level of job satisfaction in the PR industry.

The in-depth survey from PR recruitment specialist The Works polled 558 PR professionals from both in house PR teams and from PR agencies on every aspect of working life in PR including job satisfaction, working hours and work life balance.

94% of those working in Financial PR considered themselves happy or extremely happy with their role. This is however in stark contrast with those working in Healthcare PR where a massive 97% indicated they felt ambivalent or very unhappy in their job.

Surprisingly given their respective levels of job satisfaction over 75% of Healthcare PR professionals consider leaving their job not often to never whilst over 60% of financial PR respondents think of moving on almost every day.

Consumer PRs were shown to have the worst work/life balance of those polled with over three quarters of respondents believing their ratio to be imbalanced to completely imbalanced. This is most likely reflected in them working the longest hours and over 60% being unhappy in their work. Consumer PRs were also shown to be the most pessimistic regarding the economic recovery with half of the respondents predicting it will be worse 6 months from now.

In regards to where to work in PR, in house PR teams appear to be the happier of the two. The majority (73%) of in house PR professionals rated their work/life balance positively whilst around two in three agency professionals rated their work/life balance as average to imbalanced.