World Economic Forum call on PR support for Middle East Summit

The World Economic Forum(WEF), organisers of the annual financial meeting Davos, has called in PR agency support to help promote a crucial upcoming global summit.


The Global Agenda 2012 will be held for the fifth time in November, in the Middle East.


The summit hopes to bring together hundreds of leading figures from industry, government and academia, across the world to discuss major pressing issues facing societies and businesses worldwide.


The World Economic Forum sought an agency with expertise in financial PR and have since handed a brief to Capital MSL after a competitive pitch process. They are now tasked with raising awareness of the conference and the organisation itself.


The event looks to identify risks and opportunities towards the global community and sets the agenda for Davos, the major financial meeting which the WEF organises in January.


The Global Agenda has always been held somewhere in the Middle East and the location of the event was noted by co-MD and account leader Fran McElwaine commenting on “the increasingly important role the region is playing in world affairs”.


The agency will look to explain the WEF's mission and the contribution it makes to global economic growth whilst increasing coverage in the run-up to the November event.