OSyS signs contract with flydubai to make low cost carrier EU emissions compliant

Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) has signed a contract with flydubai to support the airline’s fuel conservation initiatives, as well as assisting in European Union (EU) emissions monitoring & reporting activities.

OSyS will assist flydubai, Dubai’s pioneering low cost airline, with its fuel management strategy, including Emissions Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) that will enable the airline to meet EU standards should it start flying to member states in the future.

“OSyS is pleased to bring to flydubai our technique for fuel reporting and optimization,” said Mark Goodhind, Vice President of Operations Optimization for OSyS. “With minimal upfront disruption and investment the OSyS FMS will enable flydubai to efficiently design, implement and measure their fuel and environmental conservation initiatives.”

Commenting on the agreement, flydubai CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith said, “This is the first time flydubai has implemented a fuel management system. Fuel is the single biggest cost for any airline and the information this initiative will provide will help flydubai effectively manage our fuel costs as we grow and pass any savings this creates onto passengers by way of lower fares.”

A trend is emerging in the aviation industry, regardless of business model and size of company, that airlines are investing in a proven means of managing operational fuel usage. While audits and recommendations are necessary steps, airlines are finding that an IT solution is the real key to actually recognizing measurable fuel savings and maintaining initiatives. Every airline has volumes of data; seeing the exceptions and understanding where to focus drives accurate and timely response, enables practical changes. The OSyS FMS provides a systematic and repeatable approach to operational fuel management.

OSyS is a long-established business with a history of commercial aviation expertise, and with a stable base of airline customers already taking advantage of the company’s Fuel Management Solution.