Good is what? Paper or plastic??

Whole world comprises of plastic. Every small thing you ought to buy is either made up of plastic or any other plastic type material. The demand for plastic has increased due to its certain qualities which are possessed by the material. Long durability plastic has always gained attention of the generation now a day. Moreover the different species of plastic are water resistant and sun resistant. They are very much less affected by the atmospheric conditions. But the main drawback lies somewhere else. Plastic cannot be recycled or reused. Also those plastic bags are not bio degradable bags.


The above reasons have restricted the use of plastic bags in today’s world. With the on growing awareness amongst people regarding environment concern the use of plastic bags is minimizing day by day. There are lots and lots of plastic manufacturers involved in making such materials, so complete stoppage to the manufacturing is not done. But slowly and gradually, government is brining a ban on the usage of plastic bags. The main replacement of such bags is made by paper bags. Paper being bio degradable, degrades fast when thrown lavishly in nature. Moreover paper bags can be reused or recycled after its once usage. But the drawback of using paper bags is that, paper comes from tree bulk, and numerous amounts of trees are being cut for its production. This causes a huge loss to the nature. Pollution increases due to cutting of trees. But a new type of bags namely” bio degradable bags” are now in market which are useful in every sense. They degrade easily and thus are least harmful to nature. Paper bags are useful for various purposes from shopping to packaging food stuffs. They are available in each size either it be small or large ones. They can be printed if required and designer paper bags are also available. More and more people - manufacturers, suppliers, entrepreneurs and consumers - are gearing towards the use of paper bags.


plastic bags is made from a by-products of oil refining which only contain 4% of total oil amount in the whole world. To make such plastic bags, machines heat polyethylene to nearly 200 Celsius to extrude, and then go to printing process with ink, cutting, sealing then packaging. Whereas, the process of manufacturing paper bags is quite tedious. So still people are not able to decide whether to go for a plastic bag or a paper bag?


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