National campaign asks millions to take final stand for controversial Motion 312

Motion 312 asks "What does science say about when human life begins?"

Olds AB – September 10, 2012 – Motion 312 is recognized by many as having direct implications for the status quo on abortion in Canada.  Parliament will vote on Motion 312 September 26, and between now and that date a group, calling themselves PASS 312, seeks to rally Canadians in support of Motion 312, encouraging people across the country to join them in asking MPs to vote in favour of the motion.

MP Stephen Woodworth's motion calls for an evaluation of a section of Canada's Criminal Code which currently defines unborn children as non-human beings.  “It’s quite disturbing to me that every Canadian’s unborn child is not considered a human being by our government,” said PASS 312 lead coordinator Miles Driedger. “It exposes them to any type of abuse imaginable, not just abortion.”

On September 7th, PASS 312 launched a national strategy to provide Canadians with a simple way of contacting their MP and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Other than saying that it will take place between September 17th and 25th Driedger won’t give away exactly how the strategy works. Rather, he directs inquiries to the group’s website where the strategy is laid out and explained. However, he did hint, “The PASS 312 strategy is poised to be the most overwhelming pro-life mass uprising Canadian parliament has ever seen.” The group’s hope is that even though many MPs personally oppose Motion 312, they will in the end respond to the requests of their constituents.

The goal of PASS 312 is to create a network of people to promote the strategy and spread the word, particularly through social media. PASS 312's Facebook page which was launched just over a week ago has grown rapidly and is seeing a dramatic increase in activity. “We tell everyone who comes on board to share the message shamelessly, after all we have nothing to be ashamed of,” said Driedger. “All we have is the protection of countless children in the balance.” The message is spreading far beyond the internet as people all across Canada join a “Street Team” committed to sharing the same message with their friends, families, churches and schools.

Driedger said, “PASS 312 is for anyone of any political or religious alignment who wants to see our unborn children protected by law. Much of our material is driven by an all-encompassing biblical Christian worldview and we make no apology for that. However, the strategy can be employed by any person no matter what their religious convictions.”

In a short documentary produced by PASS 312 entitled FOUR, Driedger asks four people on the street how they feel about unborn children and what they know about Motion 312. “The more people I talk to, the more I realize that Canadians find it absurd to define our unborn as less than human,” said Driedger. “If they only knew the truth about Canada’s Criminal Code they would speak out for change.” The documentary begins with one woman saying, “It makes me angry that children, anyone, would be degraded and treated lower than an animal.”

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