Flattening of Higher Education Tonight on #CollegeChat October 18

Mark Greenfield will address how higher education is being flattened and what that means for students, parents, faculty, administrators and future of education

Mark Greenfield , a noted higher education web communications expert and speaker, will discuss how higher education is being flattened and what that will mean for the future of education during #CollegeChat tonight, October 18, 2011 at 9 pm Eastern.

According to Greenfield, "Our system of higher education is based on a model that is centuries old. It was built for a world that no longer exists. Change is coming and faster than you think." During #CollegeChat, Greenfield will discuss with attendees what the "flattening of higher education" will mean including:

 What the similarities are between the flattening of the business world and the coming flattening of higher education
 Whether higher education has already reached the tipping point
 How will stealth fighter parents replace helicopter parents and how will these parents impact higher education
 How are the explosion of higher education competitors accelerating the flattening of higher education
 Why is higher education ripe for the unbundling of services and activities
 What does the future hold for higher education

Mark Greenfield is a highly regarded, influential member of the higher education web community. He is an experienced consultant and an award winning speaker who is known for his thoughtful vision of the future of the web and technology on college campuses. He is very active in the web community serving on numerous boards and committees as well as being the owner and driving force behind the uwebd social network, an active community of over 3,500 higher ed web professionals from across the world.

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