May 1st Brings One Pa. Company Closer to to Saving 10 Million Sheets of Paper a Year


May 1st Brings One Pennsylvania Company Closer to Saving 10 Million Sheets of Paper a Year

The Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) has adopted an electronic materials policy to embrace advances in technology and support its green business pledge. Beginning May 1, 2012, attendees of PICPA programs will no longer receive printed materials. This will affect attendees of close to 500 programs and could potentially save 10 million sheets of paper in one year as attendees opt to download and not print course material.

Staff at the PICPA can tell your audience how the decision to switch to e-materials was made, how the transition has taken place, and how they are letting their more than 20,000 members know of the changes. Some of your readers may be contemplating this same modification, not simply to go green, but also to save some green. The PICPA can offer your readers tips and best practices.

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