Press Release: Here's Looking at You, Travel Expense

Maybe if Ilsa and Rick had the chance to "play it again", that plane ride to Paris would have counted as a travel expense. The second in a series of three new videos, The CPA Players Present: Casablanca, shows just what happens when CPAs take on the farewell love scene from the famous 1942 classic. Whether you're a cafe owner, Norwegian beauty, or a piano player named Sam, having a CPA in your corner of the world is definitely Oscar-worthy.

These same CPA Players also took on the Empire Strikes Back, addressing Darth Vader and his career choices. Both videos can be seen on PICPA's YouTube channel .

Breaking the traditional CPA mold and harnessing the power of social media, the videos are part of an initiative to increase public awareness of the CPA profession. The videos are one feature of an integrated online ad campaign which has increased the traffic to PICPA's consumer website. Drawn to the website because of the video, visitors often stick around to check out PICPA's free online resources including CPA Locator, free brochures, and the Ask a CPA service. To see more of our viral videos, check out or PICPA's YouTube channel [hyperlink:]


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