Story Pitch: Change in State Regulations Means Quicker Return on Business Investments

Pennsylvania corporate taxes are now in line with the federal law that permits increased bonus depreciation. This also means that companies that have locations in multiple states have another reason to stay in Pennsylvania. Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) applaud this new regulation and urges businesses to take the following into consideration:

 The dates of property purchase
 Type of property purchased
 When property must be put in place
 How the new Corporate Tax Bulletin 2011-01 affects bonus depreciation

A local CPA can give your business audience the details on this new regulation, how to make it work for their business and how it makes Pennsylvania a more business-friendly environment. To find an expert in your area, contact Kathleen Miller at 215-972-6188 or or Jackie Barnard at (267) 675-6255 or