Story Pitch: Chester County Businesses Need to Act on Act 32

Act 32 of 2008 ushered in significant reforms to Pennsylvania1s earned income tax collection system. Tax collection will now take place at the county level. While the law must be implemented by January 1, 2012, Chester County has elected to implement the change starting January 1 of 2011.
This means that every business in Chester County is required to register and withhold taxes under the new provisions and remit the collected taxes to the county1s appointed collector. Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) can help your business audience understand the new terms:

- What will the effect be on revenue?
- Is this a new tax?
- How will this affect businesses in the areas of Chester County that do NOT withhold an earned income tax?
- What if the employee doesn1t live in Chester County?
- How is this treated if the company has additional locations outside of Chester County?

To set up an interview with a local CPA, please contact Kathleen Miller at
215-972-6188 or Jackie Barnard at or 267-675-6255.