Story Pitch: College Tuition Rates are Skyrocketing

PICPA Has Tips to Help Your Finances Make the Grade

Tuition rates are on the rise across the state. Recent announcements show increases in tuition at Temple (10 percent), Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned schools (7.5 percent), and Penn State (4.9 percent). With rates that just keep climbing, how are parents and students expected to keep up with the increases, let alone get ahead? Whether their child is in pre-school or high school, having a savings plan can help both parent and child avoid debt. Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) can offer your audience tips for how to save for college. They can even take the mystery out of 529 College Savings Plans.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with a PICPA member, contact Jacqueline Barnard at or (267) 675-6255.