Story Pitch: Extra Money in Your Paycheck? Pretend it's Not There for the Rest of the Year.

As a result of the Social Security tax being lowered 2 percentage points, Americans will see a few extra dollars in their paychecks for 2011. The IRS has given all employers until January 31 to make the change. While times are tight and many people are glad to have the extra money to spend, Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) advises to make good use of this unexpected bonus. You can check out a video with tips for this topic on our YouTube channel.

 Retirement contribution
 Charity donation
 Emergency fund
 College fund

A local PICPA member can help your audience make use of the extra money they receive in their paychecks. Even though it might not be a large sum of money, small change adds up. It can be a painless way for your audience to take control of their financial lives in 2011. To talk with a PICPA member, please contact Kathleen Miller at or 215-972-6188 or Jackie Barnard at or 267-675-6255.