Story Pitch: Help Kids Gain Some Common Cents

Teaching Children to Save Day 2011 is April 12

Did you know that national Teach Children to Save Day is April 12? This is a great opportunity to spark conversation between parents in your audience and their children. A recent study by Allstate found that in the wake of the recession 81% of children and teens are eager to learn money management skills. Parents are children's number one resource for financial literacy, but adults can sometimes have trouble explaining the difficult concepts related to money and banking to their children. The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) can help! Our members can offer tips on how to explain income, savings, interest, money, and more. They can also answer the follow commonly asked questions:

 When should I start talking to my child about money?
 Why should I bother teaching my child the concept of savings?
 Should my child receive an allowance to learn how to handle money?
 What are some clever ideas to help my child get excited to save?
 How can I help my child pick a goal to save for?
 How can I help my child curb impulse buys?

Help your audience seize the day and create a solid foundation of financial understanding for their children! For more information or to schedule an interview with a PICPA member, contact Kathleen Miller at or (215)972-6188, or Jacqueline Barnard at or (267) 675-6255.