Story Pitch: Jumping on the Daily-Deal Coupon Train May Derail Your Budget

They're all the rage: daily-deal sites that email you short-lived sales for your local area. You have to act fast to buy the offer or forgo the deep discount. The majority of coupons are for goods and services that are "wants" rather than "needs," resulting in what's considered impulse spending. While rewarding yourself every now and then is encouraged by most financial experts, daily-deal subscribers often splurge at a higher rate than their budgets can handle. This has area CPAs concerned, but members of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) can talk to your audience about:

 Building rewards into your budget
 Tips for better, financially healthy ways to indulge
 Ways to curb impulse buying

For more information or to schedule an interview contact Kathleen Miller at or (215) 972-6188, or Jacqueline Barnard at or (267)675-6255.