Story Pitch: Lack of Minorities in Accounting Stirs Association to Action

According to a recent study, minorities make up just five percent of partnerships at all accounting firms. In addition, the percentage of minority graduates in accounting has dipped in the last few years. Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) recognizes the staggering lack of diversity in the accounting profession and is taking steps to change that dynamic. PICPA's Diversity Committee PICPA's Diversity Committee, formed in 2009, seeks to increase awareness of career opportunities, provide support for minority members in the accounting profession, and create a better understanding of diversity outreach among the profession's leaders. Some of the initiatives the PICPA has taken include:

- Its first-ever diversity roundtable, held May 13 in Philadelphia. The accompanying video highlights the event and the Diversity Committee's goals.
- Presentations by Julius Green, CPA, chair of the Diversity Committee, to high school guidance counselors on accounting trends.
- A partnership with the Philadelphia Youth Network on financial literacy programs.
- Ongoing education of members stressing the need for diversity in the workplace.

To learn more about the PICPA's diversity initiatives and to speak with members involved in the mission, contact Jim DeLuccia at or (267) 675-6255.