Story Pitch: Make Sure Your Contributions to Japan Go To The Right Place

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, countries around the world have sent food, medical aid and money to help those in need. Many Americans are opening their wallets to make contributions to the relief efforts. The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) reminds your audience to do some homework before making that all-important contribution and make sure to keep your taxes in mind. Here are some considerations:

 Are all non-profits eligible to receive donations?
 How can I avoid internet scams?
 What should I look for in an organization before I donate?
 Is there a tax deduction for donations made internationally?
 What kind of documentation should I ask for once I've donated?

Donating to a charitable organization does wonders for the person who gives as well as those who receive. A local CPA can give your audience tips on how to make sure they are donating to a credible organization and how to get the credit they deserve on their next tax return. To set up an interview, contact Kathleen Miller at 215-972-6188 or or Jackie Barnard at 267-675-6255 or