Story Pitch: Paying Your Fair Share in Pennsylvania

Currently, Pennsylvania is one of only nine states that does not have some type of tort reform. This puts many small businesses at a disadvantage. Attracting and keeping small businesses in Pennsylvania is critical in tough economic times and the Fair Share Act, introduced in the Pennsylvania house, takes a step in the pro-business direction.

Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants can explain:

- Why the current law puts businesses at a competitive disadvantage with businesses in neighboring states
- What it means to pay your fair share in litigation
- What the issues are and why everyone doesn't think payouts should be fair
- What effect this has on public accounting firms

To find an expert CPA in your area who can explain this legislation and its benefits to your business audience, please contact Kathleen Miller at (215) 972-6188 or or Jackie Barnard at (267) 675-6255 or