Story Pitch: Tax Deductions from Planet Weird

Are YOU Filing an Out-of-This-World Return?

Check out the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (PICPA) new Public Service Announcement about "Deductions from Planet Weird," in text and audio formats, or read the corresponding CommonWealth Tip column.
A wedding and hair plugs may not be deductible, but what about:
 Giving free alcohol to your customers?
 Having a baby?
 Getting a hair transplant for your job?
 Buying a house?

Some of the deductions you didn't think would count just might! There are only 32 days until you need to file. Make sure your audience doesn't miss out on even the weirdest tax deductions. To find out more about these deductions, get some tax tips, or to request an interview with a local CPA, contact Kathleen Miller at (215)973-6188 or or Jacqueline Barnard at (267)675-6255 or

Note: Speaking of tax deductions, the "CPA Players Present: Casablanca" finds Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's counterparts discussing love and taxes in their final goodbye. Watch the video and prepare to laugh out loud.