Story Pitch: Top Tax Tips for Parents

Being a parent is tough. Finding deductions and filing a 2010 tax return doesn't have to be. Constant demands on their time and wallet can leave many individuals with a dependent feeling drained by the time tax season comes around. This year PICPA has some top tax tips to help stressed-out parents file their 2010 tax returns, and maybe even get a large refund. There are an abundance of credits and other resources available to parents, including:
 Deductions for having a dependent
 Deductions for paying a third party to care for your dependent
 Deductions for paying for the education of a dependent
 Free tax assistance by volunteers for low-to-moderate income individuals
Want to learn more about these resources? Curious how much members of your audience could save with these credits? Contact Kathleen Miller at or 215-972-6188 or Jacqueline Barnard at or 267-675-6255 for more information about these top tax tips for parents, or to schedule an interview with a local CPA on these topics and much more.