Uncorrected Unemployment Tax Rate Notices May Cause Headache for Employers on April 30


In the beginning of March, many employers received their Pennsylvania Unemployment Contribution rate notices for 2012 – only to find out they were incorrect. Many of the notices had incorrect rates, had reports and payments made on time marked as late, and had remittances marked in the wrong quarter. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor opened an Employer Hotline to take calls from those wishing to receive a revised rate notice.
Employers covered by the Pennsylvania UC Law are required to file reports and remit contributions quarterly. The next deadline is April 30. If employers have failed to receive a corrected rate notice there may be problems with the reports they file.
Local CPAs can give advice to your audience by answering the following:
• How will having an incorrect rate form affect your reports and contributions?
• If you’ve already submitted both, can you file an appeal?
• If you haven’t yet submitted both, and don’t have a corrected rate notice, what are your best steps?
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