Physician Executive Journal Highlights Physician-to-Physician Communication

PerfectServe helps reduce sentinel events caused by clinical communication gaps

In a recent  article by Diane Shannon, M.D., published in the January/February 2012  issue of the Physician Executive Journal (PEJ),  the importance of direct communication between physicians is highlighted as an  essential ingredient for effective care coordination.

The article, entitled “Effective Physician-to-Physician  Communication: An Essential Ingredient for Care Coordination,” quotes Lon  McPherson, MD, senior vice president of medical affairs and chief quality  officer at Munroe Regional Medical Center as saying that “lack of direct communication  between physicians leads to delays in patients receiving the assessment and  treatment they need.” 

Also included in the article are  thoughts from Dr. Timothy B. Bullard, chief medical officer at Orlando Health. Dr. Bullard stated root cause analyses at his organization demonstrated  that it is common to “uncover a gap in communication about a critical piece of  information” which ultimately led to the adverse event in the first place.

According to Bullard, in many instances a direct  conversation between physicians could have prevented that communication gap and  potentially averted the adverse event.

If a hospital selects a sound clinical communication delivery  platform, such as PerfectServe,  it can reduce the occurrence of sentinel events often caused by the gaps mentioned  in the PEJ article. By eliminating handoffs  and speeding the delivery of critical lab values, PerfectServe creates greater opportunities  for physician-to-physician and nurse-to-physician communication. This allows  information to route faster, with greater accuracy, reliability and safety  resulting in improved care coordination.

“The current processes  found in most hospitals today, or lack thereof, have only widened the  communication gap,” said Terry Edwards, president and CEO of PerfectServe.  “With a solid platform that gives doctors   the opportunity to selectively filter and control how they receive  clinical communication, it makes the practice of medicine more efficient while  improve care coordination.”

About PerfectServe
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