Grooming the Man in the Mirror: The Evolution from Shaving to Total Face Care

Seoul, Korea, 26 May 2011 - A century since P&G Beauty & Grooming introduced its first shaver, shaving has evolved from being an art to a precise science backed by the latest research technology. In fact, within that century, every aspect of shaving has been researched - from blade technology to the biology of men's facial hair growth, to the socio-economic factors surrounding the topic of shaving and finally, to the close association between shaving and skincare.

Today, P&G Beauty & Grooming has transformed its grooming science from the specialized technology of shaving to what the company is positioning as a `Total Face Care' approach.

Starting from the advanced science of shaving
What started out as perfecting blade technology has evolved in the last century to encompass every imaginable aspect of shaving. P&G Beauty & Grooming has invested extensively in understanding the insights and lifestyle needs of men across the world, cutting across cultural differences, socioeconomic variables and even geographical and ethnic factors. By studying shaving across these multiple facets and marrying these insights with continual advancements in blade technology and a deep understanding of the biology of shaving, P&G has turned 100 years of heritage into technologies that have time and time again set the standard in shaving technology.

This has resulted in differentiated shaving technologies that meet the needs of men around the world. The lack of water poses a significant barrier to shaving in many parts of the world and P&G Beauty & Grooming has leveraged its scientific know-how and its rich insight into the male psyche in these parts of the world, to develop shaving technologies that take into account the realities of men's lives around the world. Similarly, local myths or misinformation continue to prevent many men from the freedom of a great shave and it is the merging of technology, powerful consumer insight and education that have allowed P&G Beauty & Grooming to make shaving more and more accessible to these cultures.

In many ways, a great blade hasn't been P&G Beauty & Grooming's only weapon in bringing shaving technology to men across the globe, thanks to its rich consumer knowledge.

Evolving to a `Total Face Care' approach
And from simply studying men's facial hair growth, the idea of grooming has evolved significantly.

Shaving is complex: men face unique challenges based on their skin condition, facial hair, and the sophisticated interface between hair and skin. Due to these complexities, the understanding of shaving goes beyond just skin and hair - it involves the process of removing hair while maintaining the integrity of the skin's barrier. This paradigm shift in the way P&G Beauty & Grooming look at shaving has led to the natural evolution of a `Total Male Face Care' approach.

The development of novel visualization and measurement techniques to objectively measure product performance and impact on skin have led to enhancements in grooming research and technologies. New technologies enable better methods to visualize and assess skin conditions, identifying the different types of skin damage (e.g., nicks and cuts) that are not easily detectable with less-sophisticated technologies.

This is leading the way to inspiring new technologies behind P&G Beauty & Grooming's `Total Male Face Care' regimen for men, bringing shaving and skincare in a powerful combination that is set to illuminate new directions in male grooming.