The Winners of the Philips Livable Cities Award 2010/2011 Begin Their Projects

Winners' blog entries and video diaries on the first stage of their projects: Philips Livable Cities Award

The winner and two runners-up of the Philips Livable Cities Award 2010/2011have started their projects. Since the Awards ceremony in April 2011, the award recipients – from Yemen, Argentina and Uganda – have been planning the early stages of their projects and are now beginning to implement these plans.

The Philips Livable Cities Award is a global initiative designed to generate innovative, meaningful and achievable ideas to improve the health and well-being of city-dwellers across the world. Philips believes in supporting innovative ideas that will enhance cities around the world – not only on a global level through large-scale innovations, but also on a local level, where peoples’ day-to-day lives are improved through meaningful, innovative solutions. The three awardees were presented with monetary grants to bring their ideas to life, and they have now begun to roll out their projects, improving livability in each of their respective local communities.

As the winning ideas are brought to life, each award recipient will create video diaries and blogs  about their journey at key stages of their project, as they get started, mid-way through, and when the project is up and running.

Richard Florida, Professor, Author and Chair of the Philips Livable Cities Award supervisory panel, commented: “I am delighted that the winners of the Philips Livable Cities Award 2010/2011 are beginning to implement their projects. Their innovative ideas and passion for their cities is exactly what the Award aimed to inspire. Seeing it all come to life is truly inspirational and made me proud to be part of the Award program.”

The Winners:

€75,000 Grant:Rainwater Aggregation in Sana’a

  • Sabrina Faber from Sana’a, Yemen
  • Through her scheme, Sabrina hopes to place water tanks on rooftops to help solve the water shortages commonly experienced in the city during dry spells, whilst also providing clean drinking water. This could potentially result in significant health benefits for the whole population
  • Getting started blog entry

€25,000 Grant:Plaza Movil Street Park

  • Manuel Rapoport from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • This idea will see Buenos Aires’ streets temporarily closed to traffic during weekends and public holidays. Portable playground equipment and benches will be used to convert the streets into recreational spaces for people of all ages 
  • Getting started blog entry 
  • Getting started video diary

€25,000 Grant:Shade Stands

  • James Kityo from Kampala, Uganda
  • Waiting for transport under hot sun or torrential rain with no shelter is a situation that the people of Kampala know only too well. The Shade Stands will provide vital protection, particularly for nursing mothers, babies and the elderly as well as showcasing health education information for the public
  • Getting started blog entry
  • Getting started video diary