Keep Things Organised With Your Very Own Photo Calendar

There is now virtually no limit to the number of photo gifts which can be created using your own digital images. Many of these are either fun items or purely decorative, but one which combines the personal, the aesthetically pleasing and a degree of practicality is a photo calendar.

Photo calendars can be found somewhere or other in virtually every home in the country. The reason for this is stunningly simple – they work. When it comes to having a place where you can make note of all of the important upcoming dates at the start of the year – things like birthdays, anniversaries etc - then there’s simply nothing which matches the ease of use of a calendar pinned to a wall or stuck onto a fridge. What’s more, as new dates emerge during the course of the year, from things such as holidays to the more mundane but no less important items like dentists appointments and bill due dates, the process involved in ‘updating’ the calendar really couldn’t be easier. Just pick up a pen and jot the occasion down on the relevant date. Despite the advances in technology and the huge steps forward in information storing and retrieval, no hand held device can hope to match this convenience, since a calendar will never suffer from a power loss, breakdown or inability to access previously saved information.

So much for the plus points of wall calendars, the down side can often be encapsulated by just one word: aesthetics. You’re going to have to look at this object each and every day and, bearing this in mind, it’s surely not too much to ask that it should be either visually pleasing or have some kind of emotional content. That’s why personalised calendars can make such stunning gifts at any time of the year. The ease with which your digital photographs can be turned into a wide range of photo gifts is something which you really have to experience to appreciate. In the past, the idea of turning a favourite shot of your baby into a ‘Worlds Best Grandma’ mug would have seemed frankly outlandish, but now it’s only a few clicks of a mouse away, as is a bespoke personalised photo book or a one off individual jigsaw.

The process you need to go through in order to create a calendar is equally simple. The first thing you have to do select the images you wish to use for your calendar. You may base it around family shots, or pictures of your favourite places or just the twelve of your most professional looking pictures. Once you’ve chosen you just need to upload them to the website and then make use of the software. It’s been specially developed to be incredibly easy to use even if you have no experience with computers, printing or graphic design. Every feature of the calendar can be altered and adapted, from its’ size and shape to the layout and style, and it’s even possible to highlight special dates on the final printed calendar or design a calendar which starts on a month other than January. The final product will be of a quality fit to grace the shelves of any high street shop, with the added bonus of featuring images which will bring a smile to the face each and every time you use it.