Photo Prints That Are Easier Than they've Ever Been

It can sometimes be simple to take for granted just how easy it is to deal with digital technology when taking photographs. You can take a picture one second, store it on the camera and then print it off on your pc as soon as you get back home. What’s more, it doesn’t have to end with the actual print, since the image can be turned into a range of gifts such as one off canvas prints.

The process  involved in photo developing before the widespread take up of digital photography was long, difficult and often very expensive. In large part this was a reflection of the materials used. The images were originally captured onto a roll of celluloid film and this then had to be removed from the camera in a way which carefully ensured it wasn’t exposed to light. Once it had been removed it had to be handed over to a specialised laboratory to be developed into negatives which were then used to print the actual photographs. Whilst these labs were often based in high street pharmacists, they were equally often many miles away, a fact which meant that the film had to be posted away and would require several weeks of waiting until the actual photographs came back, provided the postal system kept them safe in the first place.

Not only was the process long and difficult, but it was also frequently very expensive, with individual prints costing a lot and the occasional re-print being even more costly. All of this came together to act in a way which discouraged people from taking as many photographs as they would perhaps have enjoyed taking. Accessing digital photo prints, on the other hand, is incredibly easy, since they are stored electronically and can therefore be easily transferred to the device which is printing them. Most of the time this will be the users own PC printer, but, even if you don’t have a printer, most shops have a printing hub which will print off individual images from your memory card. Building up a very large collection of digital photo prints, therefore, is a quick and easy process, and if you want to share your favourite images with friends and family, then having multiple copies made hardly costs any more than the original did.

Alongside quality and ease of use, however, digital technology also offers previously unimagined levels of flexibility. Your favourite images can be used over and over again to fashion a huge range of top quality items which can be given as gifts or kept as personal mementoes. Whilst the first objects that people think of when considering this opportunity are often small items such as fridge magnets, coasters and mouse mats, it shouldn’t be forgotten that your very own memories can also be captured and turned into striking, top of the range objects such as bespoke personalised photo books or one off gallery standard canvas prints. In all cases, the software used has been developed to make the process as quick and convenient as possible. Having chosen the image or images you wish to use, and uploaded them to the relevant website, you’ll be taken through the design process one easy step at a time, offered the tweaks and modifications which will result in an object which is exactly as you wish it to be.