Inspired by the Latest Advances in Cosmetic Medicine, PHYTO Introduces Phytokératine Trio

A Reparative Program with Hyaluronic Acid, Botanical Keratin and Pomegranate Extract for Damaged Hair

New York, NY - In response to the problem of weakened and damaged hair, Phyto introduces a unique solution: Phytokératine shampoo, conditioner and serum- Phyto's 1st reparative program formulated with botanical keratin and Hyaluronic Acid.

One out of 2 women complain about damaged hair. External stresses drain hair of its vital elements, including keratin. The hair fiber becomes porous and harsh, hair becomes weakened and damaged. The Phyto Rx? Reconstruct the hair's internal structure and resurface the hair's outer layer.

A PHYTO Innovation: PHYTO combines botanical keratin with Hyaluronic Acid, which is commonly used in skincare products, to form a breakthrough complex that revives the most damaged and brittle hair. Similar to the cosmetic procedure Lipofilling, Phytokératine injects intra-fiber keratin deep down into the hair shaft to repair and restore hair. Hyaluronic Acid, known for its skin hydration properties, helps hair retain moisture.

1. Reconstruct & Hydrate: Botanical Keratin + Hyaluronic Acid
 The botanical keratin used in Phytokératine is a specific combination of wheat, corn, and soybean amino acids that precisely mimics natural keratin. This botanical keratin replaces lost keratin to help reconstruct hair's former structure.
 Hyaluronic Acid, whose molecular structure is small, can easily penetrate deep down into the hair fiber to hydrate and retain moisture from within.

2. Resurface & Protect: Ceramides + Pomegranate Extract
 Ceramides act as intercellular cement, reconstituting the natural outer protective layer of the hair fiber by filling in the deepest micro-fissures and sealing the cuticle.
 Pomegranate extract, with anti free-radical and UV protection properties, protects the hair fiber against further damage.

NEW Phytokératine reparative shampoo, conditioning treatment & serum
Steps 1 & 2: Phytokératine Reparative Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment
Active ingredients:
 Botanical keratin reconstructs
 Hyaluronic Acid hydrates
 Ceramides resurface
 Pomegranate extract protects
Results: Formulated without sulfates, Phytokératine shampoo gently cleanses the most delicate, fragile hair. The conditioning treatment gently detangles and facilitates styling without weighing hair down.

Step 3: Phytokératine Reparative Serum for damaged ends
Active ingredients:
 Botanical keratin reconstructs
 Hyaluronic Acid hydrates
 Ceramides resurface
 Pomegranate extract protects
 Silk Peptides act as a capillary bandage to immediately repair and smooth split ends.
 A Brazilian palm oil complex adds shine, softness and suppleness.

Clinical results after 4 weeks of use*:
Phytokératine reparative shampoo & treatment:
 Hair is repaired....75%
 Hair feels stronger...72%
 Hair doesn't break...67%
* Consumer study

Phytokératine reparative serum:
 Split ends are repaired...72%
 Ends feel softer....77%

Phytokératine shampoo ($24), Phytokératine Conditioner ($32), and Phytokératine Serum ($30) will be available June 2011
at Salon AKS and fine salons, Sephora, and select retail locations September 2011.
For more information, please call 1-800.55.PHYTO or visit


PHYTO (fee-toe) is a leader in botanical hair care treatments for all hair types. Created by Parisian stylist Patrick Alès in 1967, PHYTO formulas boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven results. Phyto is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, a family-owned located in Bezons, France. PHYTO does not test on animals. Please recycle. For more information, please contact 1.800.55.PHYTO or visit Twitter: @phytohaircare